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Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver
Family Medicine
10440 Shaker Drive
Suite 103
Columbia, MD 21043
(443) 574-4439


Same day or next day visits
Available via text, call, or email
Dispenses meds in-office
Children plans available

About Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver

Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver is the founder of Resolve MD. She is a Board Certified Family Medicine doctor who has been practicing for over 15 years; nine of those years have been in Maryland. After obtaining her bachelors from Princeton University, Dr. Johnson-Weaver attended Temple School of Medicine, and then completed her residency at the Chestnut Hill Family Practice in Philadelphia, PA.

Personally, Dr. Johnson-Weaver enjoys spending time with her children, coaching youth basketball and reading clubs, and a myriad of other activities. Family practice physician, Dr. Johnson-Weaver "resolved" to abandon the traditional primary care model to adopt and deliver Direct Primary Care.
Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver speaks English.
Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA


Plans for Individuals
Under 19 years old
Under 19 years old
19 - 34 years old
35 - 64 years old
65+ years old

Included Services

Annual sports physical
Joint injection
Nebulizer treatment
Weight management
Annual physical


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